Receiver of calls of waiters R-990 BELLS for three numbers.
Modern wall-mountable waiter call receiver.
Frequency 433.92 MHz.
Display up to 3 three-digit numbers simultaneously.
Connect up to 999 call buttons
220 Volt power supply (220 / 12V adapter included)
ABS plastic housing. Black color.



Description of the R-990 BELLS receiver.
The call receiver is used to receive radio signals from wireless call buttons and kitchen transmitters.
The receiver can be connected to up to 999 calling devices located at a distance of up to 200 m.
The screen simultaneously displays up to three three-digit numbers.
The last call is displayed in large print on the left, and two previous calls on the right in smaller print.

The principle of operation of the call receiver R-990 BELLS.
When a radio signal is received from the transmitting device, the number of the button or transmitter is displayed on the display of the receiver, accompanied by a sound signal. You can set up voice duplication of the number and type of call.

Additional information

Dimensions 460.0 × 158.0 × 45.0 mm


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