The cook’s kitchen transmitter with an indicator for calling the waiter into the kitchen transmits signals to the pagers – the waiters’ clock.
Technical data:
1. Current consumption in operating mode: <60 mA; 2. Standby current consumption: <35mA; 3. Working frequency: 433 MHz; 4. Weight: 210 g; 5. Power supply: 9 V, 1 A



Description of the transmitter R-95 BELLS
The transmitter is housed in a stylish rectangular black plastic case. On the front panel there is a convenient touch keyboard for dialing the called number. The dialed number is shown on a small display.

The transmitters are installed in the kitchen and in the bar, for convenient and quick notification of the waiter about the readiness of his order.

The transmitter of this model can serve up to 9999 receivers.

The range of the radio signal in the open space is up to 500 m.
Working principle of the chef transmitter R-95 BELLS
Before using the device, it must be programmed to work with the required number of receiving devices.

To call the required employee, the number of the pager clock assigned to him or his number programmed in the call receiver is dialed on the transmitter keypad. The radio signal is transmitted to the receiving device in the form of a wrist watch (pager) with the name of the kitchen or bar – where the corresponding order is ready.

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 168.0 × 110.0 × 37.0 mm


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