The R-910 BELLS kitchen chef transmitter is a simple and reliable chef and administrator transmitter for calling staff to the kitchen or reception.

4 segment indicator
Frequency 433.92MHz
Range up to 500 m
Can signal up to 999 staff pager numbers
Power supply 220 V (adapter 220 – 5 V 1 A included).
Material: ABS plastic
Black color



Detailed description, principle of operation.

For the kitchen call system, the cook transmitter is installed in the kitchen.
After preparing the dish, the chef presses the corresponding number on the kitchen transmitter, and the call signal is sent to the pager of the desired waiter.
In addition, if there are few waiters in the establishment, then the chef can send a call to the waiter’s call receiver installed in a place visible from all sides, for example, above the bar.

Thanks to the kitchen transmitter of the chef, the client receives his dish faster, and the waiter does not rush to the kitchen in vain to find out at what stage his order is.

If the R-910 BELLS transmitter is used for personnel intercom, it is installed at the reception.
The administrator or nurse on duty presses the corresponding number on the transmitter keypad and a call is sent to the staff pager.

The transmitter is pre-programmed to work with a certain number of pagers. Up to 999 numbers are stored in the memory of the R-910 transmitter. With the help of such a call system, the work of staff becomes organized and debugged.

The transmitter is powered from a 220 V network through a special 220V / 5V 1A power adapter, which is included in the delivery set.

Attention! Use only an original adapter or an adapter of similar voltage for power supply! Using an adapter with an inappropriate rated voltage can lead to incorrect operation of the device and damage to the device.

Additional information

Weight 340 g
Dimensions 120.0 × 70.0 × 30.0 mm


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