Working voltage: 3.7V, rechargeable lithium battery;
Working frequency: 433 MHz;
Weight of 10 pagers with charging base: 1190 g;
Total weight of a set of 10 pagers and a cashier’s transmitter: 1570 g;
Power supply (charger): from a 220V network (5V, 5A adapter included).
Waterproof housing.



How R-90 BELLS works.
After paying for the order, the cashier or manager will give the client a guest pager. With a system operating range of up to 800 m, a customer with a pager in his hand, pocket or handbag can go far away while waiting for his order. When the order is ready, the staff member dials the customer’s pager number on the transmitter keyboard. The pager notifies the client of the receipt of a radio signal by vibration, flashing LED lights and a melody. Often it is the vibration signal that is the most reliable annunciator, especially in a noisy room with a guest pager hidden in your pocket.
Bonfire pagers R-90 are stored on a pyramid-shaped charger – up to 20 pieces. Thanks to the thin body, you can install not 10 pieces on the charger stand, as in other models, but 20 fire pagers, which is much more economical. The main feature of the novelty is that it works with the new included kitchen transmitter. Only through it is the configuration and programming of the device carried out.

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 95.0 × 11.0 mm


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