Stylish R-510 BELLS waiters call-board receiver with simultaneous display of one three-digit call number. Bright color LED illumination of the outer transparent frame of the case when a call signal is received.



How the R-510 BELLS Call Receiver Works

In the restaurant
The receiver is placed in a restaurant hall, on a wall or on a bar using a built-in stand. Call buttons and kitchen transmitter are programmed and numbered in the memory of the receiving display.

If it is necessary to call the staff, a visitor or a cook presses a button and a digital radio signal with a call number instantly arrives on the screen of the receiving board – display R-510. When a call signal is received, the outer transparent frame starts to sparkle with different colors of illumination and a programmed melody signal sounds.

In the hospital
In medical institutions, the receiver is installed at a nurse’s post or in a paramedic room. Nurse or doctor call buttons installed in patient rooms are programmed and numbered in the memory of the reception board – display. When it is necessary to call the medical staff, the patient presses the call button and the digital radio signal with the call number instantly enters the R-510 screen.

An important advantage of the RECS R-510 receiver is the demonstration on the screen of up to 999 three-digit numbers of the waiter’s call signals. This means you can track calls from almost 1000 call buttons!

The signal reception range is up to 100 meters indoors, and up to 300 meters outdoors.
The range of the receiver can be increased by installing an additional repeater-amplifier, increasing the communication range up to 200 meters indoors and up to 700 meters outdoors, respectively.

Additional information

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 230.0 × 185.0 × 40.0 mm


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