R-505 SOS

R-505 SOS

SOS BELLS donut-shaped alarm and emergency ring for medical personnel.
Call indication in blue
Range of work
– up to 300 m in open space
– up to 100 m indoors
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Battery life up to 3 years!
Material: ABS plastic
White color



How the R-505 SOS BELLS button works
The R-505 SOS button is super easy to use. A person, slightly squeezing the body of the device with his hand, presses one or both buttons. The buttons start to glow blue. It does not matter how many buttons are pressed – one or two.
The radio signal from the button goes to the call receiver and / or to the pager watch of medical personnel or a caregiver.
The range of the button signal is not less than 200 m in open space and not less than 100 m in a closed room.

The call button is powered by three LR44 batteries installed inside the case. The operating time of the device from one set of batteries is 1 year. When the battery level is low, the LED blinks every 10 seconds.
You will need a thin Phillips screwdriver to replace the batteries. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the hidden self-tapping screw inside the button, open the case and replace the batteries.

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 59.0 × 16.0 mm


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