Multifunctional personnel call button R-335 BELLS
for banks, offices, hotels, boarding houses, director-secretary call systems, restaurant kitchens.

5 functions – buttons on the body.
Large LED call indicator

For desktop installation
Button range:
-up to 300 m in open space,
-up to 100 m indoors
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Power supply: CR2032 3V battery
Battery life up to 3 years!
ABS – plastic
Color: black body with gray polyurethane buttons



How the R-335 BELLS Multifunction Button Works
There are five polyurethane buttons on the surface of the case. When you press the buttons, an LED indicator in the corner of the device turns on, confirming the sending of a coded signal. The buttons are numbered with Roman numerals from I to V.

With each of the five buttons, a digital radio signal can be sent to 5 receiving devices – pager-watches or call receivers, or to one device with 5 different functions.

Let’s consider the options for the call buttons on the example of the interaction between the manager and the staff (or the cook – 5 waiters)

Option 1. Calling different slaves (the signal goes to five receiving devices):

I – secretary
II – security
III – accountant
IV – driver
V – kitchen

Or Call Chef – waiter (up to 4 waiters):

I – waiter 1
II – waiter 2
III – waiter 3
IV – waiter 4
V – waiter 5

Option 2. Calling the secretary (with 4 different functions on the pager-clock):

I – go to the office
II – bring tea
III – bring coffee
IV – bring water
V – do not disturb

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 113.0 × 62.0 × 9.0 mm


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