Waiter call receiver R-1815 BELLS for wall and table mounting with remote control.
Frequency 433 MHz.
Three-line screen.
Display up to 15 two-digit numbers simultaneously.
Supports up to 999 waiter call buttons.
220 Volt power supply (220 / 12V adapter included)
ABS plastic housing.
Black color.



The principle of operation of the R-1815 BELLS call receiver.
The receiver is connected to the network. All transmitting devices (call buttons, cook’s kitchen transmitters) are programmed into it. Then, when a call is made from one of these devices, the number of that device is displayed on the screen. As a result, the waiter knows where he should go.

Methods for displaying call numbers on the screen of the R-1815 BELLS receiver.
The display of calls on the screen depends on the preset mode and the number of ringer devices connected to the receiver. Let’s show what screen modes exist.

Features of the R-1815 device.
The range of the receiver in open space is up to 500 meters.
The receiver supports up to 10 remote control devices.
Up to 15 calls can be displayed simultaneously. This is convenient for monitoring and coordinating customer service work with a large number of seats in the institution and a large staff of waiters.
USB connection to a computer to monitor staff performance such as customer service speed.

Additional information

Dimensions 460.0 × 168.0 × 45.0 mm


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