Convenient and neat call button for medical personnel R-105 BELLS for hospitals, sanatoriums, boarding houses, medical institutions, beauty salons, massage rooms, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants

Call indicator LED
Range of work:
– up to 300 m in open space
– up to 100 m indoors
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Power supply: battery А23 12 V
Battery life up to 3 years!
Material: ABS plastic
White color



Principle of operation
When you press the button (the circle with a bell), the blue ring starts to glow brightly – the LED backlight turns on. The signal from the button goes to the call receiver and / or to the staff’s pager clock. Having received a message, a doctor, nurse, waiter, manager or other staff (depending on the institution) sees exactly where the call came from and goes to the patient or client.

In medical institutions, staff call buttons are placed in wards by the patient’s bed, in toilets, bathrooms, corridors and other places where a person may become ill and need help.

Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 70.0 × 44.0 × 20.0 mm


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