Pager-watch for the waiter R-02B.
The frequency is 433.92 MHz.
The calling button number can be 4 characters or numbers.
Connecting up to 999 waiter call buttons.
Alert: Alarm, Vibration, Alarm + Vibration.
Range: – up to 300 m in open space up to 100 m indoors.
Power supply: built-in battery 3.7 V 500 mA.
Material: glossy ABS plastic.
Black colour.



Technical characteristics of the waiter’s pager R-02B BELLS.
Black color.
Working frequency: 433.92 MHz.
Simultaneous display of: 3 call numbers + text explanation + number of calls + time of the last call.
Number of characters in the call button number: up to 4 characters or numbers.
Number of connected call buttons: up to 999 pieces.
Memory: Yes – save and view the last 99 calls
Alert: 3 modes: Alarm, Vibration, Alarm + Vibration.
The memory of the R-02 pager contains the following names for working with multifunctional call buttons for a restaurant, cafe, bar:
Call, Invoice, Order, Service, Cancel, Water, Coffee, Juice, Hookah, Kitchen, BBQ.
Names for working with multifunctional call buttons for a hospital in the memory of the pager: Medicine, SOS, Injection, Doctor, Satisfied, Unsuccessful, Cleaning, Check.

Radius of action:
– up to 300 m in open space,
– from 50 m to 100 m indoors.
Menu in Russian.
Work with multifunctional multi-button call buttons.
Power supply: built-in battery 3.7V 500mA,
Micro USB charging,
The case is glossy ABS plastic.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 60.0 × 40.0 × 15.0 mm


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