HCM-80 BELLS Repeater repeater kit with power supply. Serves to amplify the signal and increase the range of the waiter and staff call buttons, pagers and call receiver in accordance with the HCM-80 compatibility table. Radius of action up to 200 meters in an open area. Power supply of the repeater 220 V (adapter 220 12 V 2 A) included



The HCM-80 BELLS repeater repeater serves to amplify the call signal of the waiter and staff and is used to increase the range of transmitting devices (call buttons for the waiter and staff, kitchen transmitters). The repeater is immediately operational for all signals.

The principle of operation of the repeater is simple: the repeater is installed in an area where the signals from the transmitters (staff call buttons, kitchen transmitters) are very weak and transmits these amplified signals further to the staff call receivers, waiters’ pagers.

Additional information

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 160.0 × 100.0 × 25.0 mm


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