The CTK-200 BELLS kitchen chef transmitter is a professional kitchen chef transmitter with alphanumeric keypad and LCD 4-segment screen. Using the transmitter, the cook or bartender can call the waiter to the kitchen or bar at any time by typing the pager number of a particular waiter on the keyboard.

Frequency 433.92 MHz
Works with RECS pagers and RECS receivers.
Radius: up to 400 m
It can signal up to 99 personnel pager numbers.
Power supply: 220 V (adapter 220-12 V)
Material: ABS plastic
Black color



Functionality and application of the CTK-200 BELLS kitchen chef transmitter

With the help of the function ‘Kitchen transmitter of the chef’ CTK-200 BELLS, a chef or a bartender can instantly remotely call a waiter with a pager clock to the kitchen, to serve, to a bar. And to do this is easy and simple: in 2-3 touches, typing the waiter’s pager number on the keyboard.

Also, the CTK-200 has a second important function – ‘Radio transmitter for cashier’ – for working in a system with bonfire pagers (guest pagers or GUEST-PAGERS). In this mode, the transmitter is located at the cashier’s workplace and is designed to transmit a digital radio message about the readiness of ordered dishes to the bonfire-pagers of visitors – guests of a restaurant or fast food cafe, fast food establishments, bistros.

The third function, ‘Waiter’s transmitter’, is to send a signal about the readiness of dishes to the receiver – the waiter’s display. The signal from the antenna output of the transmitter can be sent not only to pagers and fire-pagers, but also to a wireless receiver – a display. On the board, the called numbers are shown to the waiters or any other service personnel or visitors, depending on the concept of using the devices and the entire wireless calling system.

Thanks to the universal functions of the CTK-200 BELLS kitchen transmitter, specialists have developed and successfully operate dozens of different pager systems for calling personnel and systems for alerting waiters and visitors about the readiness of an order.


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