Coaster KIT

Coaster KIT


The new paging customer alert system consists of 16 guest pagers with a charging base. On the base – the indicator of the called pager number.

A convenient kit for the electronic queue system in a fast food restaurant.
Calling the corresponding pager is carried out with one press of the button on the charging base.
The base is programmed to work with 16 or more pagers.
Range of action – 100/300 m
Power supply – 3.7 V 500 mA battery.
Base power supply – 220V (12V 5A adapter included)
Material: ABS plastic
The pagers are dark brown.



Queues are always an inconvenience for both the client and the staff. In most cases, they arise due to the improper organization of the work of the institution, and not due to its so incredible popularity that there is no end of customers. In any case, the queue needs to be fought, for example, to move it to a new modern level using the Coaster KIT BELLS paging system for alerting customers.
Coaster KIT is the newest tool for organizing an electronic queue, in which customers do not stand waiting for the ordered dish, but sit at tables, walk, go about their business.

Description of the Coaster KIT BELLS.
We bring to your attention a model resembling chocolate bars. It is pleasant to take them in hand, it is convenient to put in your pocket while waiting. Pagers need to be charged for them to work. For this, a special charger-base is provided, in the recesses-slots of which 16 pagers are installed. The base can be programmed for more pagers. Then, while one batch is charging, the other is in operation.

Additional information

Dimensions 157.0 × 234.0 × 36.0 mm


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